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We began Pure Peppers’ with one goal in mind. To share a delicious, handcrafted small-batch pepper paste using the finest natural ingredients. As an avid food and spice lover, founder, Evan Wright is inspired by his culinary peers and his hot sauce loving mother. What began as a simple mother's day present quickly developed into a mission to share this gift with other spice lovers. 

The unique taste of Pure Peppers Paste’s flavor profile comes from fermentation that brings out the taste of umami and moderate heat from the chili spice that many can enjoy. It can be used in a multitude of ways from cooking, dipping, and marinade. Ours is loved by many because it contains clean all natural ingredients with no msg, oil or corn syrup! 

Our Mission


We uphold high standards by using a handcrafted process throughout from selecting the finest fresh peppers, to hand cutting, mixing into small batches and hand packed in glass jars. Unlike other fermented chili pastes, Pure Peppers does not use oil or preservatives, are handmade in small batches and naturally fermented for at least 14 days. Our distinct handcrafted process from start to finish achieves optimal fermentation and balanced flavors.

All natural, simple and PURE.

- All Natural

- Vegan

- Kosher

- No Additives 

- No Preservatives

- Soon to be Certified Organic

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